Thursday, November 15, 2007


My husband and I are crash dieting this week. This is my diet: smoothie for breakfast (a full 16 oz.) and nothing but Pacific Natural Foods tomato soup (mmmm, mmmm) or some nicely cooked black beans the rest of the day. It's a very, very low-calorie diet that has led to a lack of fuel for my brain, so I don't have much to say that's interesting until this is over...probably on Monday. Nevertheless, that won't stop me from going on.

First, I want to plug the soup. This is my fourth day on the diet and I still love this soup. It's delicious. If you can get it, get it. It doesn't have any amazing flavor that pops out at you in it, but it's a terrific tomato soup: smooth, creamy (but not high in fat), and slightly sweet. And it's ready to go, so I just pour out what I want and zing it in the microwave. If, perchance, I'm hungry enough that I can't stop eating, I can finish the whole container and still only consume 400 calories. And I love the black beans. Black beans simmered at home are four times better than those in a can. At least. I do cheat a bit and add a touch of low-fat sour cream to my beans, as well as a squeeze of lime and some Sriracha hot sauce if I'm feeling spicy.

Obviously, the point of this diet is to consume as few calories as possible. Sometimes you just get in a lull or plateau and you need something to boost you a bit, and that's where I was, so that's why I'm doing this insane feat this week. I know, I know...if you starve yourself, you typically gain that weight back, but it's not going to happen! Besides, if I don't take care of this right now, I'm absolutely doomed for the next month and a half, what with Thanksgiving, our Christmas party, Christmas, and New Year's (Eve and Day). Four or five feast days in a month and a half...crazy.

So, whatever you're eating today, think of how delicious it is and enjoy it for me. Just keep the calories for yourself, please.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

So, like, you guys took up Fatty's week-long diet challenge?

Rachel said...

Yup. And I'm sticking to it (somewhat) for two more days. Hopefully I'll be more successful than Fatty.