Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blog Surfing

Occasionally, I go blog surfing, searching mostly for other good food sites. It doesn't happen very often, because my life is pretty crazy, but it's fun to find a creative site or two once in a while that's within the realm of what I'll tackle.

I'm pretty picky, so I don't often find much, but once in a while a site piques my interest. I'll tell you what I like. I like a blog written by someone who clearly loves food but isn't all about gorging on it, you know? Everything shouldn't be about dessert, because I can come up with plenty of dangerous ones on my own. I like creative meals, ones I haven't tried before but don't look outrageously expensive to make (and I can be a bit generous once in a while). Basically, I just want good food. So I thought I'd pass on a couple of sites I've found lately. Just in case you get tired of waiting around for me to post something new. And I'll try to get them in the lineup on the left soon, too.

Kitchen Chick - Maybe I like her because she's a fan of Zingerman's in Ann Arbor (and lives in Ann Arbor), but I can't wait to try her recipe for Braised Beef with Rice Noodles. It's the kind of thing I'd love to eat but don't know how to make. And I think my family would be willing to try it (no worries about my husband).

Amuse Bouche - The recipe for Creamed Leeks with Horseradish is calling my name. Now you really think I'm crazy, don't you?

The Gracious Bowl - Everything here looks good enough to make. Well, maybe not the chestnut soup, but everything else. Doesn't it? Of course, I love soup, especially while I keep testing bread recipes. But I do have to limit my production of them, since they're not a family favorite. Maybe I just need to find the right ones?

The Fresh Loaf - An indispensable resource if you're making bread. So much experience to pull from in all of the forums.

And, of course, don't forget the links on the left.

So, what are your favorite sites? Food or otherwise? Do you make food that you read about? Just desserts, or other things? I'm dying to know!


Di~ said...

Thanks for the ideas Rachel.
Not that I cook that much, but I do like to read about...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I actually don't spend much time on food sites (which is amazing), I prefer to get info from my books. There's not much I can't find in the 100+ cook/food/travel books we have.

Besides, I can take a book to the pool unlike this pc.

I do like surfing cooking blogs though!

Anonymous said...


Thank u for giving ideas about food sites. I will try it.

Thank u



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