Monday, March 09, 2009

Wedding Cake

My brother-in-law and fiancé were married just over a week ago, and I had the great pleasure of making their wedding cake. My husband helped decorate...he's meticulous enough to be a great help in that regard.

It was carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate and edged with sugar pearls (which were a surprising crunch in your mouth when you're eating a moist cake). In case you ever make one, the 6-inch layers were a half recipe, and the 12-inch layers were each a whole recipe.

One alteration to the recipe, since moving to Utah: if you live above 4000 feet, add an extra egg white to the batter.


Heidi said...

Oh, Rachel, it turned out beautifully! It looks delicious too. Congratulations to them both.

Were they surprised???

The Luke Family said...

That was delicious and oh, so thoughtful!

You and Mark are very sweet!

Great photos!

The Gentry Family said...

That was the best cake! Loved it...but I thought it was my birthday cake?! Guess I got confused. Just kidding!

TAL said...
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TAL said...


I'm such a fan of simple design and the flavor choice is very unique for a wedding cake. Sounds like an all around treat!


Ski Bike Junkie said...

"My husband helped decorate...he's meticulous enough to be a great help in that regard."

Don't you mean, "my husband painstakingly spread the frosting to ensure a perfect finish, placed each petal of white chocolate by hand, and was so disappointed to notice, seated from 25 feet away, that the top layer was 1 degree off of vertical. I assured him nobody would notice and reminded him that he is the sweetest, most wonderful man in the entire world, and a damn fine cake decorator to boot (even if a bit neurotic, but I didn't say that part)."

Just wondering.

Nikki said...

Your cake was delicious. Thanks for sharing some. I would love to make this recipe someday.

char_char said...

The cake looks beautiful Rachel! I'm sure it tasted magnificent as well.